Diamond Dogs 40 years on


All you ever wanted to know about Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs”. The tracks, the musicians, the music scene at the time. It’s a very impressive essay. Highly recommended.

Tarting up Bo Diddley in satin and tat wasn’t going to work anymore. In 1975, the year Roxy and Bowie permanently left it behind, Slade In Flame and Mott’s Ronno-assisted ‘Saturday Kids’ (“We didn’t much like dressing up anymore”) both waved goodbye to glam. Perhaps Queen’s A Night At The Opera was the final bombastic bang of the gong.

@theQuietus: The Hideous Ecstasy Of Fear: Diamond Dogs 40 Years On. A #longform anniversary essay by Matthew Lindsay http://thequietus.com/articles/16797-the-hideous-ecstasy-of-fear-diamond-dogs-40-years-on




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