January books: On the Steel Breeze – Alastair Reynolds

This is the middle title of the Poseidon’s Children trilogy.

The Wertzone describes the plot more succintly than I could.

“Portgual, 2365. Chiku Akinya is one of three clones, and the only one to remain on Earth. One of her ‘sisters’ is on a dangerous space mission to the edge of the Solar system, trying to recover a deceased relative. Another is on a massive holoship, more than a dozen light-years from Earth, headed to investigate a giant alien artifact picked up by a powerful space telescope. But some strange events compel Chiku to venture to Venus and Mars, and what she discovers will have important ramifications for her sisters far out amongst the stars.”

I love Alastair Reynolds writing, probably my favourite SF author after the sadly missed Iain M Banks

Alastair Reynolds  says on his website regarding the series.

“It’s a sort of trilogy, tracing the members of a spacefaring African family across many centuries of future history, but with only tenuous connections between the books. My intention is that individual volumes each function as a well-formed standalone novel.”

Hmmm, some knowledge of the first book “Blue Remembered Earth” is pretty crucial I would say, and I doubt many readers are coming to this volume first.

Its full of the usual AR goodies. Strong plotting, great characters and a page turning plot. Again he draws and puts centre stage believable female protaganists, some thing he shares with Iain M Banks. 

According to his blog the last volume is now with the publishers so it shoudn’t be too long to the conclusion of this trilogy.