monday verse: enivrez-vous

A bit of Baudelaire to start the week.

Bilberry and Birch

bar window, Brioude bar window, Brioude

Il faut vous enivrer sans trêve.
Mais de quoi?
De vin, de poésie, ou de vertu à votre guise,
mais enivrez-vous!

from Envirez-vous (in Les petits poèmes en prose) by Charles Baudelaire

I feel that I should probably add a few words of explanation to this week’s monday verse, which isn’t what I originally had planned for today at all.

Whilst we were in the market in Brioude last Saturday, we noticed some folks in fancy dress with umbrellas covered in post-it notes. This didn’t startle us as much as you might think, because there are often ‘animations’ or street performers on market days, all paid for by the town. My main concern in these situations is not to make eye contact, in case they come over and try to engage me in conversation or present me with a balloon animal, so we didn’t take too…

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