Earworm: Saint Etienne – Hug My Soul

I’ve been listening to Tiger Bay over the weekend and so a current ear worm is a single off that album, “Hug My Soul”. The single was released in 1994 with a bizarre video.

In which Sarah Cracknell plays a young girl asleep with her stuffed toys; she dreams of being chased by a bear, but ultimately ends up having jelly and ice cream with him in his den. Wikipedia

The bands take on it is given on their website

Sarah wrote this, which brightened the mood on Side One of our folkjokeopus Tiger Bay. The video involved what was, according to director Steven Wells, a “frighteningly realistic bear suit”. Werner Herzog later ripped this idea off for Grizzly Man.

They omit to mention that it also features Sarah Cracknell playing hopscotch in her nightie….Pete and Bob are nowhere to be seen. It’s a classic Saint Etienne song that keeps on giving complete with a vibraphone solo towards the end, absolute pop heaven.

Oh, heres that video….


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