The Declining Winter “Home For Lost Souls”



The Declining Winter is described by Richard Adams as

“A musical project to keep me occupied whilst my other group is (still) on hiatus and also so I can pretend that I’m not just an office worker by trade.”

The “other band” were the greatly missed Hood.

Thankfully Richard hasn’t gone for a serious style makeover and The Declining Winter sound like a chip off the old Hood block, which is just fine by me!

Latest LP is “Home For Lost Souls”available from Norman Records and – probably – other outlets.

Norman Records had this to say about the new release.

On his latest record, ‘Home For Lost Souls’, Richard Adams receives a snowflake on a plate of caviar and says “no thank you very much”. So begins the saddest album ever made. The ex-Hood and current Memory Drawings guitar cyborg continues his strand of melancholic solo work with an accomplished record of muffled melodies, breathy vocals and shoe-shuffling drumbeats, each serving as a form of disguise on a record of pop songs you pine to get a better sense of.

“This Sadness Lacks” from the LP “Home for Lost Souls”

The Declining Winter ‘The Year of 40’ – Live at Wharf Chambers, Leeds





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