crackle and pop: the clientele – suburban light

front cover the clientele - suburban light

This was a very welcome vinyl re-issue (2014) of the first Clientele album “Suburban Light”(2000). I’ve written about The Clientele over on Toppermost,

The Clientele have been more popular in the USA than they ever have in the UK, and I have never understood why. This was highlighted when attending a Clientele gig in 2003 at an old cinema in Newcastle with a total audience of about 30 people. Pitchfork has described them as: “… guitar-centric indie pop, enamoured with the gently psychedelic 1960s (deep Beatles cuts, Donovan, Kinks …) and the UK indie pop of the 80s (Felt, Television Personalities).”

It’s a perfect record for autumnal days, recorded on old analog equipment which really gives an extra ambience to the breathy vocals and ringing guitar work. It’s mostly a collection of their first singles and not a “proper” first album, but none the worst for that.

back cover the clientele - suburban light

20151011 104450
insert rear
20151011 104313
insert front

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