ear worm: The Cyrkle – “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”

I was first aware of The Cyrkle via the old CBS sampler album “Today’s Sounds” (1966) which I had picked up cheap in the bargain bins of a local department store in 1967. They had hits with the two songs on this album “Red Rubber Ball” and “Turn Down Day”

Today’s Sounds

They were a bit Byrdsy, a bit Fifth Dimension. Surprisingly, they were managed by Brian Epstein, who named them after a suggestion from John Lennon. They toured as a support band for The Beatles, but that still doesn’t excuse the particularly nasty cover of “I’m Happy Just To Dance With You” on their “Neon” album.

I had forgotten all about them until I listened to Gruff Rhy’s “Hotel Shampoo” album and the track “Shark Ridden Waters”. Hmm, that’s a real catchy hook there Gruff! Looking at the album information it turns out to be a sample from the  Cyrkle track “It Doesn’t Matter Anymore”from the “Neon” album.

Further research reveals it’s a Bacharach and David song from an obscure 1966 USA TV musical, “On The Flip Side”, about a teen idol has-been portrayed by Rick Nelson.

And just for completeness here’s the original Bacharach demo.




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