crackle and pop: Bracken – exist resist

20151101 104250

20151101 104310

Most of my posts for “crackle and pop” have been for old vinyl I’ve had for years so I thought I would come up to date with this recent release from Bracken. I don’t buy much vinyl, its expensive and I can’t tell the difference from digital, except when there is excessive surface noise and crackle and I can do without paying extra for that! However, I make an exception for a few of my favourite’s as long as there is also a download code for a high quality FLAC version.

Bracken is the band name used by Chris Adams also of Hood (the band is on indefinite hold).

On the basis of his Bracken releases (and his brother and Hood member Richard Adam’s “Declining Winter” albums) then Chris provided most of the electronic beats side of Hood, while his brother Richard concentrated on the guitar and vocals side, but I may be completely wrong on this.

Richard is also part of Memory Drawings whose album ‘There Is No Perfect Place’ is well worth exploring

Anyway, if you liked Hood you will like this. Beats, electronic bleeps, disembodied voices, dubby bass all present and correct.


One thought on “crackle and pop: Bracken – exist resist

  1. Amazing album. Sounds great on vinyl, even better on cassette (while remastered for vinyl, it was recorded specifically for the tape format). Richard is part of memory drawings, not Chris. Andrew and Craig [a new line (related); the humble bee] ,with Chris, were responsible for the majority of electronics in HOOD. Chris had most of the vocal duties as well. Bracken’s new album ‘High Passes’ will be out this quarter on Home Assembly Music, a label well worth exploring. Check out the free label sampler over on Bandcamp


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