crackle and pop: the rock machine turns you on


The Rock Machine Turns You On, one of the first budget sampler LP’s was released in the UK in 1968. Priced at 14 shillings and 11 pence (£0.75), it was less than half the cost of a full priced LP at the time. It was CBS’s ploy to introduce all the “underground” acts it now had on it’s roster. However it also sold to thousands in the UK and influenced many emerging bands. In South Wales no local band could get through a gig without playing at least a couple of cover versions from this album, Spirit’s “Fresh Garbage” being a particular favourite. For me, it introduced the bizarre magic of The United States of America, who only made one album, but it’s a classic and also the original Blood Sweat and Tears, with Al Kooper. Though my favourite track is The Zombies “Time of the Season” from the album “Odessey and Oracle” (missspelt on album).

CBS released a second sampler “Rock Machine I Love You” in 1969, which I also have but is, to my mind, an inferior collection.



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