February books

Kate Atkinson – A God in Ruins


This book,  has been described as a companion piece to “Life After Life” as it concentrates on the character of Toby the RAF pilot from the previous novel. I found this to be a tremendously moving book, and I became terribly involved in the characters. So much so that I stopped reading it about 75% in, as it was having such a powerful effect on me. Maybe just my mood at the time, and I hope to return and finish it soon.

Barbara Pym – A Glass of Blessings


Well, this was my rebound read from the Kate Atkinson! I needed a relatively light read with no major traumas happening to the main characters. As in all Barbara Pym’s books the delight is in the detail, and it’s portrayal of 1950’s London suburban life is superb.

Ian Rankin – Even Dogs in the Wild


The latest Rebus novel treads the familiar streets of Edinburgh and brings back one of the series main villains, Cafferty. If you like Rebus, then you will love this latest story. There is an excellent Guardian Live podcast available with Mark Lawson interviewing Rankin about this and his Rebus books in general. The title is taken from the rather lovely Associates track from “The Affectionate Punch” album.

James S. A. Corey – Abaddon’s Gate


This is the third in the “Expanse” novels sequence, recently being turned into an excellent TV series. It will make very little sense unless you have read the other stories in this highly recommended science fiction series.


Ian Rankin – Knots and Crosses


The final book of the month was another Rebus novel. This time the very first one as I’ve commenced a re-reading of the full sequence. This is very obviously an early go at the character as Ian Rankin explains in his introduction to the new edition. Still much better than your average crime novel.


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