March books

Ian Rankin – Hide and Seek
Continuing my rereading of the Rebus novels. Rebus still not fully formed as a character yet but still an enjoyable crime novel.
NK Jemison – The Fifth Season
A new SF author for me and an excellent novel based on a world riven by geological catastrophes.
John Galsworthy – Man of Property
I hadn’t read the Forsyte Saga for many years. This is the first volume and to be honest I found it hard going, unable to empathise with any of the characters and not really bothered what happened to them. I’m sure I liked this when I first read it!
Colm Toibin – The South
Easily the best book I’ve read this month. I love Toibin’s storytelling and sense of place, in this case Catalunya, Dublin and Enniscorthy. Its a story about the way that the consequences of violent conflicts in both Spain and Ireland still effect and influence people years later.
Philip Marsden – Rising Ground, A Search for the Spirit of Place 
An exploration of parts of Cornwall landscape, from ancient Mesolithic remains to china clay works. A book for anyone interested in their local landscape.

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