tuesday tune: the wedding present – brassneck



In 2004 myself and my partner made the first of many visits to The Leadmill in Sheffield. We were going to see Cinerama. I knew very little about the band, but I had heard a Peel live at Maida Vale session and liked what I heard.

Deep breath.

I’d never heard of David Gedge.

I had heard of, but not knowingly listened to, The Wedding Present.

This version of Cinerama were the post Sally Murrell version and they were – unknown to me at the time – gradually drifting back into heavier Wedding Present territory and beginning to slip some WP songs back into the set. I was enjoying the gig when near the end the drummer sets up a pounding beat and the guitarist began wrenching out an incredible rasping, chiming riff. My partner starts bouncing about, “What’s wrong?” I shouted,“It’s Brassneck! They’re playing Brassneck!”. So Brassneck is the first Wedding Present song I knowingly heard. I’ve since bought all their albums and seen them many times, the next time again at The Leadmill back as The Wedding Present and with a much larger audience.

Apparently at the last Cinerama Peel session, it was decided that they sounded now, so like the Wedding Present again that they should change the name back and so the same band members continued to record the next album, “Take Fountain” as the Wedding Present.

The first video is sort of how I experienced it with a live performance from 2005. The second video is from a 1990 TOTP with Mr Gedge making no attempt to lip sync.



One thought on “tuesday tune: the wedding present – brassneck

  1. Bizarro was my favourite WP album. My interest in them waned after that, especially when they churned out a single a month for a whole year.

    I remember seeing them with Buffalo Tom supporting; that was a great gig.


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