May books

Dave Hutchinson Europe in Autumn
An intriguing tale of a near future europe splintering into hundreds of small states. Through and across it range the “coureurs des bois” smugglers and traders in anything anyone wants. The novel is part science fiction part a Le Carre spy story and is an excellent romp, with some twists setting up a sequel.
Arthur Ransome Swallows and Amazons
I’m sure I did read this when I was young but I couldn’t really remember anything about it! But I hugely enjoyed this tale of middle class children camping on an island in the Lake District and the adventures that – inevitably – ensue.
David Kynaston Modernity Britain – A Shake of the Dice 1959 – 1962
I’m still reading this latest instalment in David Kynaston’s epic series of social histories. It’s as engaging and fascinating as the other volumes, packed with facts and the voices of ordinary Britain.

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